Government of New Brunswick

Applicants leaving a hospital or a psychiatric facility who do not have a permanent address may be entitled to basic assistance benefits and/or a health card, with full coverage, if staying at an emergency shelter or if using the local Mental Health Office's address. The purpose of doing this is to allow the individual to receive basic assistance benefits and/or a health card as soon as possible upon being released thereby reducing the probability of the individual being without proper medication.

Applicants leaving a hospital or psychiatric facility may be screened up to one week prior to being discharged.  The hospital social worker should be present at the time of screening. If deemed potentially eligible for basic assistance benefits and/or health card, the applicant will be screened out and an Office Registration appointment will be made with a Needs Assessment Specialist. A task will be created by the screener to re-screen the case on the appointment date with the Needs Assessment Specialist. This appointment should be made on the same date as the discharge date. For example, if a mental health applicant has a release date of March 31st, the applicant may be screened in anywhere between March 24th and March 30th and have an appointment date for the release date of March 31st.

If eligible the applicant will receive basic assistance benefits and/or a health card beginning effective the date discharge from the hospital. Applicants must apply at the office where they are living, once released from the hosptial or psychiatric facility. Applicants must provide proof of residence within thirty days of their discharge date, or their case will be closed.