Government of New Brunswick

Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents (formerly "landed immigrants") or those registered under the Indian Act not living on Reserve can apply for social assistance. Persons in Canada under any other status as per federal law put their status in Canada at risk where an application for social assistance is made. One of the federal conditions of acceptance into Canada is financial independence. Examples of applicants who would be ineligible are persons in Canada with "Temporary Residence Status" such as; Student Visa's, work permits and persons in Canada as "visitors". Ineligibility for assistance would include ineligibility for Health Cards or Day Care Assistance Benefits.

Eligibility for refugees (claimants) can only be assessed once Citizenship & Immigration Canada has been contacted. All immigrants including refugees should be referred to that department.

Non-Sponsored Immigrants (Including Refugees)

Non-sponsored immigrants are not permitted to work in Canada until they have a medical stating they are in good health etc. Single and two person households in this situation are to be assisted at the Transitional Assistance Program (TAP) rate while their request for a work permit is being processed. If such a permit is issued, their status is to be reviewed and assistance to continue at the Transitional Assistance Program rate if eligible. If a permit is not issued due to medical reasons, they will continue to receive assistance at the Transitional assistance rate.

Sponsored Immigrants

Sponsored immigrants are not entitled to assistance, as their sponsor has agreed to support them. In cases where a sponsored immigrant claims that their sponsor is not adhering to the sponsorship agreement, the sponsor must be contacted for the situation to be clarified.