Government of New Brunswick

The Long-Term Needs Designation will be given to those applicants/clients who are 19 years of age or older and meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Meets criteria for long-term client by Mental Health (written verification required)
  • Is assessed by Social Development as meeting criteria of the Long-Term Care Strategy (written verification required)
  • Is in receipt of CPP Disability or any other disability pension under the Pension Act
  • Has medical reports covering a 24-month period and the Medical Advisory Board approves the Long-Term Needs designation. For applicants this would mean having one Medical Report stating the individual's condition has existed for 24 months.

The designation is permanent and is to remain with the client regardless of how long they are off assistance.

The designation allows the individual to have an exemption from the Household Income Policy, if needed when living in the parental home.

The Medical Advisory Board's decision for the Long-Term Needs designation is not appealable and must not be taken to the Regional Family Income Security Appeal Board.

For an applicant, the designation is effective the date of application. For clients, the designation is effective the date of the Medical Advisory Board approval or supervisor approval.