Government of New Brunswick

Residents of institutions other than those listed below may be entitled to the institution rate based on the usual eligibility criteria. The institution rate is the Comfort and Clothing rate of $135 per month.


For those in any provincial hospital, including Centracare in Saint John, Restigouche Hospital Centre in Campbellton or any of the Detox centres, see Hospitals policy.

Transitions Houses

For residents of transition houses or emergency shelters for women, see Transition Houses.

Parolees in Institutions

Applicants released from correctional institutions must provide a Release Certificate. The Release Certificate will indicate if a daily living allowance is included as a condition of parole. Applicants released under day parole and who reside in a Community Residential Based Facility - CBRF are not eligible for basic assistance. As a resident of a CBRF the day parolees room and board (food and lodging) are covered through an agreement with Correctional Services Canada - CSC and the operator of the CBRF. A resident/parolee may apply for the Comfort & Clothing (C&C) rate if their only income is the daily per diem provided by CSC where the per diem is less than the C&C rate. Where a health issue also exists, consideration can be given to Health CArd coverage where proper documentation; medical report, doctors prescription and costing from the pharmacy are provided. Where eligibility stated above does not exist, parolees who require assistance with health costs like prescription drugs would need to apply for Health Card only.