Government of New Brunswick
  • There may be a lot of white outside but that does not mean New Brunswickers cannot have a ‘green’ Christmas.

  • Premier Blaine Higgs has committed to meeting and exceeding the federal government’s emissions targets with a made-in-New Brunswick plan that regulates large industrial emitters and endorses the 2016 Transitioning to ...

  • Local governments and local service districts will receive more than $75 million in community funding and equalization grants from the provincial government in 2019, an increase of about $117,000 over ...

Climate Change Action Plan

Spill Reporting in New Brunswick

In the event of an environmental emergency, such as an oil spill, federal and provincial authorities need to be notified immediately in order to coordinate an adequate oversight of the response.

Community Restructuring

Information on community restructuring, including: the options, the process, ongoing projects and more.