Government of New Brunswick


Hospital patients including those in Centracare, Saint John and the Restigouche Hospital Centre, Campbelton, and any of the Detox centers who are in need of personal necessities may apply for the Hospital rate of assistance which is equivalent to the Comfort and Clothing Allowance once they have been patients for thirty consecutive days. Eligibility for this rate of assistance would be assessed as for all other applicants.


Clients entering hospitals including those in Centracare, Saint John and the Restigouche Hospital Centre, Campbelton, and any of the Detox centers do not automatically become ineligible for assistance. However, for clients who must remain in hospital for a prolonged period of time, a reassessment of their eligibility is required. They may be entitled to assistance at their regular rate or at the Hospital rate and/or the Comfort and Clothing Allowance which is a Special Benefit, or may not be entitled to assistance or benefits at all. A decision regarding such eligibility will be based on the client's income and needs and on household size as follows:


Hospitalized Applicants Without a Permanent Address

Applicants leaving hospitals including those in Centracare, Saint John and the Restigouche Hospital Centre, Campbellton and any of the detox centers who do not have a permanent address may be entitled to basic assistance benefits at the Transitional Assistance Single Employable or Transitional Assistance Rate, if staying at an emergency shelter or any other eligible address. The purpose of doing this is to allow the individual to receive funds and services as soon as possible upon being released thereby reducing the probability of break in support coverage.

Applicants leaving hospitals may be screened prior to being released as part of their discharge plan. If deemed potentially eligible for basic assistance benefits, the applicant will remain screened in and an Office Registration appointment is made with a Needs Assessment Specialist. For example, if a patient has a release date of March 31st, the patient may be screened in on March 2nd and have an appointment date for the release date of March 31st.

If eligible the applicant will receive basic assistance benefits beginning effective the date of the Office Registration. After one month if the client does not have a permanent address the case is to be terminated.  Applicants must apply at the office where they will be living, once released from the hospital.


All Households Other Than Single Persons

For households other than single person households, the case manager will determine whether or not the rate of assistance is to be affected based on factors such as length of anticipated hospital stay, number of members in household, amount of assistance etc. It is also possible the payee may need to be changed.


Single Person Households

Single persons who have been hospitalized for more than 30 days should have either their assistance cancelled; or if they are in need and are eligible, have their accommodation type changed to Hospital.

There may be exceptions where after consideration of the client's obligations regarding rent etc. they may be issued their assistance or a portion of it and of the Comfort and Clothing Allowance special benefit.

Verification must be made:

  • with the client's doctor or the hospital of approximately when the client is expected to be released, and
  • also of the personal needs and the financial obligations of the client.

The case manager must determine what assistance or benefits, if any, will be issued.