Government of New Brunswick


Residents of Campobello who are concerned about access to Canada as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak please note:

  1. The Canada Border Services Agency and US Customs and Border Protection are well aware of and used to dealing with the geographic inhibitors that affect the residents of Campobello Island and other unique cross border situations between our countries.
  2. The travel restrictions that are being put in place are in effect to restrict travel that is related to leisure activities, including tourism, in one or the other country.  
  3. While Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and Registered Indians under the Indian Act continue to enter Canada by right, they remain subject to COVID-19 entry screening measures and must comply with the mandatory 14-day requirement to quarantine or isolate if not exempt. This applies even if no stops were made along the way, as transiting through the United States still constitutes international travel.
    Exemptions are in place for residents of Campobello Island who are asymptomatic and must cross the border on a day-to-day basis for work, or to obtain essential goods and services. These exemptions do not apply to residents of mainland New Brunswick who wish to visit Campobello Island.
    For more information on exemptions visit -
  4. Residents of Campobello Island that need to enter the United States for essential services will not be restricted in their travel.
  5. Residents of Campobello Island that intend to enter the United States for the purpose of leisure activities or extended stays will not be allowed to enter.




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