Government of New Brunswick

This generally refers to people passing through.

All transient applicants should be referred to Community Resources for assistance with basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing.

Transient applications are not Section 4(4) applications.


Any assistance received, either from another province or from another district within N.B. must be considered income during the Intake process. If income exceeds the applicable basic household rate (BHR), they will be determined to be ineligible for assistance. Assistance should not exceed an amount equal to two days at the BHR to which the household would be entitled. However, an amount greater than this may be necessary in exceptional circumstances; examples being, to provide means of transportation for applicant(s) to return to their home or where AHESS has provided services in an amount greater than the two day maximum.


Access and Assessment with Social Development should be notified of any family households traveling with children.


Generally, priority should be given to family Households and the Disabled. Assistance would only be issued to singles in cases of extreme emergency.