Government of New Brunswick

The applicant residing in an Alternative Family Living Arrangement (AFLA) must be assessed as eligible for Long Term Care In - Home Services and meet one of the following three conditions.

  • the applicant has been living with his parents and now wants to live in an alternate family living arrangement.
  • the applicant is a foster child with special needs who has turned 19 years old and the foster family wants to become his/her alternate family.

An applicant who is 20 years of age or older would not be eligible, unless this is a foster child who wishes to have his foster parents become an alternative family.

  • the applicant has been living in a residential facility but wishes to return to the community and can be maintained in the community in an AFLA.

Any applicant for income assistance who is living in an AFLA where the above conditions are met, must present a completed and signed Confirmation of Eligibility for Long Term Care Services form at the needs assessment appointment. Otherwise we would have to consider all members of the household as one household.

A copy of the Confirmation of Eligibility for Long Term Care Services form should be forwarded to the Operations Support branch of central office in order to monitor the volume of AFLA clients.

As none of the funds from SD are intended to be used for items of basic need we would not deduct 25% for shelter costs.