Government of New Brunswick

The Designated Needs status will be given to those single clients in receipt of basic assistance and who are 19 years of age or older and have multiple educational, health, housing, and social challenges that present chronic, significant barriers to employment or require additional supports to engage in case planning activities.  Singles with this new designation would typically have two or more of the following barriers:

  • mental health issues
  • addictions issues
  • low literacy/educational levels
  • long-term social assistance clients
  • have unstable housing
  • have little or no social support structure:

The designation is permanent and is to remain with the single client regardless of how long they are off assistance.

The designation allows the client to have an exemption from the Household Income Policy, if needed when living in the parental home.

Review & Appeals

The Designated Needs designations are not reviewed or appealed by the area reviewer or the Provincial Family Income Security Appeal Board. 

If a client’s application for Designated Needs is rejected, they may request a review of the decision by contacting their case manager and requesting the Designated Needs Assessment Review. If the decision is upheld, the client must wait twelve (12) months before they can reapply and only if there has been a significant change in their situation. 


A single client with Designated Needs may be considered as a separate case from all other individuals except a legal or common-law spouse or child. As an applicant for Health Card Only Benefits the same exemption would apply.