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Amusement Device Inspection  
Amusement Device Registration 
Art Bank - Acquisition Program  
Art Bank - Exhibition Program   
Arts - Professional Artists - Artist-in-Residency School Program Grant (Anglophone Sector)  
Arts and Cultural Industries - Strategic Initiatives Fund (Grant)  
Arts Groups - Literary Promotion Grant  
Arts Organizations (non-profit) Touring and Presenting Grant - Presenting Component  
Arts Organizations (non-profit) Touring and Presenting Grant - Touring Component  
Book Publishers - Operations Grant  
Book Publishing (Periodicals) – Operations Grant  
Casino - Registration 
Charitable Lottery Licences and Permits 
Crown Lands - Leases
Crown Lands - Permit for Wreath Tips and Branch Material   
Crown Lands - Shooting Range Lease
Cultural Cooperation Grant Program (New Brunswick/Quebec)  
Film - Promotional Travel Assistance   
Film - Short Film Venture Program  
Healthy Eating Resource Kit for Community Recreational Facilities   
Heritage Place - Conservation Grant  
Liquor Licences 
Liquor Permits and Licences - Special Occasions and Events 
Long-term Athlete Development (LTAD) Appendix  
Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund in New Brunswick   
Museum - Operations Grant  
Museum - Professional and Organizational Development Grant  
Official Languages Program   
Pari-Mutuel Tax Registration Certificate 
Physical Activity – Active Communities Grant   
Private Commercial Signage Permit
Regional Profile   
Shooting Ranges - Approval to operate   
Sport - Go NB (Grant)  
Sport - Professional Coach Employment Program (Grant)   
Sport and Recreation / Local - Regional Consultation Services   
Sport and Recreation Organizations (Provincial Grant)  
Sport and Recreation Organizations - Provincial Consultation Services   
Sport- Athlete Assistance Program  
Taxes - Pari-Mutuel Tax  
Taxidermist Licence  
Trail Authorization (Snowmobile and ATV Permit) 
Trail Infrastructure Fund  
Veterinary In-clinic Services  
Veterinary Field Services 
Veterinary Laboratory Services 
Video Lottery Siteholder Registration 



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