Government of New Brunswick


These services provide leadership and resources to the sport, recreation and physical activity community on a provincial level. The goal is to foster a network of self-sufficient organizations, capable of providing sport, recreation, and physical activity opportunities.


Provincial organizations must be registered as non-profit under the New Brunswick or Federal Companies Act, or constituted as a non-profit organization.

This department supports the concept of a single umbrella organization in each sport or activity, providing services to all disciplines. Each provincial organization must be the provincial leader in its business and a member of its national association where one exists. A constitution/by-laws that has been approved by the general membership and on file with the department is mandatory. All organizations must have held an annual general meeting within the last 12 months and be accountable to its membership.


These services help organizations design programs, plan events and projects, establish sound administrative policies and procedures for a non-profit organization and leverage support from other sources.

Provincial Consultants can provide information or presentations related to:

• Administrative policies;
• Project planning ;
• Governance;
• Event planning;
• Incorporation;
• Benefits of sport, recreation, and physical activity; and
• Others as requested by your organization.

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