Government of New Brunswick


This Program provides support for initiatives that raise awareness of the importance and enjoyment of physical activity and provide new or expanded opportunities for New Brunswickers to be active.

The distribution of the ACGP helps to:

• Increase the number of opportunities available for New Brunswickers to become and stay active every day
• Encourage and support leadership in the community
• Promote the benefits and enjoyment of continued involvement in physical activity
• Address common barriers to physical activity faced by New Brunswickers
• Actively encourage those not already involved in participation to get active


Not-for profit organization, local community physical activity, sport or recreation organization and municipalities.


The maximum funding is $5000 per project per year. The Program is intended for initiatives that create and support opportunities to engage in physical activity and/or to promote the benefits of physical activity. It also aims to create new activities or programs, or enhance those that already exist in the province. Examples of eligible activities may include but are not limited to: Training sessions and workshops that help increase/improve physical activity and networking opportunities and innovating partnerships within the community.

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