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The administration for signing outside a city or town along major highways is the responsibility of the Department. Formatted signs are standardized type signs that are approved for major highways. Facility operators must obtain a permit for formatted signs outside the right-of-way along major highways and there is a cost associated with the permit.


Formatted signs and a permit are required for the following highways:
4-lane Level I and II Highways
2-lane Level II

A permit is required for the following highways:
Collector Highways

No permit is required for Local Highways


Regular Attraction/ Service Signs
Attractions or services that do not fall under the Major or Secondary classification are considered as Regular Attractions or Services. Regular Attractions/Services are eligible for Tourist-Oriented Directional (TOD) signs on highways other than Level I, II.

Visitor Information Signs
As with Major Attractions and Secondary Attractions, Visitor Information Centres qualify to have TOD signs within the right-of-way along all classes of highways in the province.

Major Attraction Signs
The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture uses criteria to classify and identify the province's Major Attractions. All attractions whether private or public, may apply to be considered for Major Attraction status.

Secondary Attraction Signs
As noted above, Tourism, Heritage and Culture apply criteria to classify attractions. Any attraction, whether private or public, may apply to be considered for Secondary Attraction Status.

Tourist Oriented Directional (TOD) Fingerboard Sign
This tourist oriented directional (TOD) fingerboard sign fee is designed to recover the costs of the manufacturing and installation of a panel type directional sign which would display the specific name of a business, a corresponding service symbol, and the distance to the business.

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Tourist Oriented Directional (TOD) Sign  
  Regular Attraction - Primary Identification Sign - Manufacture and Install600.002001-04-01
  Regular Attraction - Primary Identification Sign - Maintenance Cost (per year)100.002001-04-01
  Regular Attraction - Follow-up Sign - Manufacture and Install210.002001-04-01
  Regular Attraction - Follow-up Sign - Maintenance Cost (per year)40.002001-04-01
  Visitor Information Signs - Manufacture and Install600.002001-04-01
  Visitor Information Signs - Maintenance Cost (per year)100.002001-04-01
  Major Attractions - Manufacture and Installcost/coût2001-04-01
  Major Attractions - Maintenance Cost (per year)cost/coût2001-04-01
  Secondary Attractions - Manufacture and Install6,000.002001-04-01
  Secondary Attractions - Maintenance Cost (per year)cost/coût2001-04-01
  Tourist Oriented Directional (TOD) Fingerboard Sign - Manufacture and Install200.002013-07-01
  Tourist Oriented Directional (TOD) Fingerboard Sign - Maintenance Cost (per year)50.002013-07-01
Private Commercial Signage Permit (manufactured, installed, and maintained by persons other than the Minister)75.002001-04-01
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