Government of New Brunswick


Support is provided to assist with the growth and development of New Brunswick provincial organizations whose mandate includes the development of sport, recreation or active living opportunities.


Provincial organizations must be registered as non-profit under the New Brunswick or Federal Companies Act, or constituted as a non-profit organization.

This department supports the concept of a single umbrella organization in each sport or activity, providing services to all disciplines. Each provincial organization must be the provincial leader in its business and a member of its national association where one exists. A constitution/by-laws that has been approved by the general membership and on file with the department is mandatory. All organizations must have held an annual general meeting within the last 12 months and be accountable to its membership.


The department support of eligible organizations may be available in the form of funding, programs and/or consulting services. The level of support provided will be dependent upon the competition for available resources and a provincial organization's contribution towards the goals of the Branch.

This department provides financial support through two mechanisms - Funding Model I (primarily single sport provincial organizations)and Funding Model II (primarily Recreation or Multi-sport organizations).

Organizations that wish to apply should contact SR/ or 453-2928.

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