Government of New Brunswick

A series of public dialogue sessions will be held this autumn by the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation, leading to a renewal of Overcoming Poverty Together – The New Brunswick Poverty Reduction Plan.

Sessions, to be held in 12 communities from September 16 to October 9, 2013, are designed to encourage discussion among participants on ways to reduce poverty. With the help of facilitators, participants will work in groups to exchange views, share experiences and propose priority actions that will later be included in the second plan of Overcoming Poverty Together.

Meetings with regional and provincial organizations will also take place in Bathurst (September 25th), Moncton (October 2nd) and Fredericton (October 24th) as part of the process.

Once the first phase – the public dialogues – is completed, the ideas collected will be submitted to a committee to draw up a list of potential actions that will lead to a final draft to be approved by the Board of Directors in March 2014.