Government of New Brunswick
Monique Richard
Brian Duplessis
Gerry Pond
Hon. Dorothy Shephard

With the goal of building on the successes in the development and implementation of the first economic and social inclusion plan, we are proud to have supported and participated in the preparation of the new plan.

One of the main advantages of this initiative to reduce poverty in New Brunswick is the ability to unite around a common goal four sectors which have a great impact on this plan: people who live or have lived in poverty, business, non-profit organizations, and government (including the official opposition).

The participation of these four sectors is crucial to the success of the plan. Those who live or have lived in poverty provide a realistic view of poverty in New Brunswick. Their contribution at the decision making level is invaluable in the direction and execution of the plan. Businesses also feel strongly about this initiative because an abundant, skilled workforce helps companies compete in the marketplace, which benefits everyone. The non-profit sector is a key component of the plan as they provide first-hand expertise in community development. Through its financial support to the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation and the Community Inclusion Networks, government’s direct involvement remains essential in the development of policies and the delivery of programs and services.

In recent years, thanks to the Overcoming Poverty Together: The New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Plan, we have seen a cultural shift take place in the province. The inclusive, cross-sector approach has been successful. Stakeholders realize the positive impact province-wide cooperation has brought to the quality of life of New Brunswickers. Thus, we strongly believe that the continued engagement of these sectors will be intensified in the second plan. The talent, ability, willingness, determination and commitment of all citizens will again be called upon in the next five years. We are confident that together, we can overcome poverty.