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Air Quality Approvals and Permits
Amusement Device Inspection  
Aquaculture Licence - Commercial
Aquaculture Licence - Institutional
Beekeeper Registration  
Bituminous Shale Development Permit  
Bituminous Shale Lease   
Bituminous Shale Licence to Search  
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection  
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Registrations  
Children's Residential Services – Child Care Residential Centres   
Communal Wastewater Treatment Facility Approval
Composting Facilities Approvals
Compressed Gas Licences - Class A
Compressed Gas Licences - Class G
Compressed Gas Licences - Class ICE
Compressed Gas Licences - Class PPO, PTO
Compressed Gas Licences - Class RVT, DAT, IMT and M
Compressed Gas Licences - Medical Gas
Condominium Property Development  
Crown Aggregate - Acquisition of Pit and Quarry Rights - Quarry Lease  
Crown Aggregate - Acquisition of Pit and Quarry Rights - Quarry Permit  
Crown Aggregate - Acquisition of Pit and Quarry Rights - Written Authorization  
Crown Lands - Lease and Permit for Aquaculture Purposes
Crown Lands - Leases
Crown Lands - Licence of Occupation
Crown Lands - Maple Sugary Lease 
Crown Lands - Shooting Range Lease
Crown Lands - Wind Exploration Licence
Dairy Licences 
Day Care Inspections   
Electrical Inspections  
Electrical Wiring Permits  
Elevating Device Inspection  
Elevating Device Installation Permit 
Elevating Device Operating Permit 
Elevator Contractor Licences 
Elevator Plan Approval  
Environmental Impact Assessment Registration 
Fees for Planning Services  
Food Premises Inspections   
Freshwater Aquaculture Certificate of Approval
Gas Business Licences
Gas Inspection  
Gas Installation Permit 
Gas Plan Approval 
Gasoline and Motive Fuel Purchaser's Permit
Gasoline and Motive Fuel Retailer's Licence
Gasoline and Motive Fuel Wholesaler's Licence 
Geophysical Exploration Licence 
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