Government of New Brunswick


Food premises licensed under the Public Health Act are subject to routine inspection by Public Health and Agri-food Inspectors. Inspection results of those inspected by Public Health Inspectors are posted online for the public to view.


Any licensed food premises that require an inspection by a Public Health Inspector.


Public Health Inspectors conduct routine inspections to monitor compliance with regulations made under the Public Health Act. Inspections are carried out in accordance with the “Public Health Inspector Guide to Food Premises Inspections”.

Inspection frequency is dependent on established risk-based criteria, including types of food served or processed, handling methods, staff training, history of compliance and establishment maintenance and management. Operators may expect anywhere from one to three annual routine inspections. Operators do not receive advance notice of when inspections will be conducted. Violations of the regulations usually result in follow-up inspections to verify compliance. An operator’s licence may be revoked if the violation poses an immediate risk to public health.

As inspections of food premises are conducted across the province, copies of the reports and inspection results are posted online. Reports are posted in the language used during the inspection. A colour-coded rating system is used to display results and is as follows:

GREEN: High standard of compliance with no more than 5 minor violations.

LIGHT YELLOW: General compliance with 6 to 9 minor violations.

DARK YELLOW: General compliance with no more than 3 major violations.

STRIPED RED: Corrections are required with 1 or more critical violation and/or 4 or more major violations and /or 10 or more minor violations noted.

RED: License has been revoked for non-compliance.