Government of New Brunswick


A Commercial Aquaculture Licence is a class of aquaculture licence that permits a licensee to conduct aquaculture for the purposes of commercial gain.


The following authorizations are required for aquaculture purposes in New Brunswick:

a) Aquaculture licence - Anyone wanting to conduct aquaculture in the Province, regardless of the location, must have an Aquaculture Licence.

b) Other permits or approvals required in order to perform aquaculture in New Brunswick - In order to obtain an aquaculture licence in New Brunswick, additional permits, approvals or assessments may be required by other government departments. Reviews for these permits, approvals and assessments are triggered at other agencies by the receipt and review of an aquaculture application from the department. Where a permit, approval or assessment is deemed necessary the agency responsible for the review may be in contact with the applicant for more information.


An application must be filed with the department. The application will be reviewed in accordance with provisions of the Aquaculture Act and its General Regulation.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Aquaculture licence application fee
  New licence10.001991-09-11
Annual Aquaculture Licence Fee1991-09-11
  Commercial Licence50.001991-09-11
Appeal Fee200.001991-09-11