Government of New Brunswick

Archaeological Services promotes New Brunswick heritage awareness through education.

New Brunswick’s archaeological record spans over thousands of years and plays an important role in the recognition and interpretation of our shared heritage.

The archaeological and cultural information associated with archaeological sites are diverse; for example, the material recovered from a 3000-year-old First Nation village is totally different from a 17th century French trading post.  Through archaeology we find that these sites and its people who occupied them have played unique and important roles in New Brunswick's past.


Archaeology, combined with written records and oral traditions, presents an enriched interpretation of the past. Working with other agencies and communities, Archaeological Services produces educational material intended to disseminate accurate knowledge and to generate respect for past and present cultures.

Heritage education places special emphasis on the promotion of cross-cultural understanding. First Nations' traditions, heritage and cultural sensitivities are recognized.  We provide  presentations to schools, groups and at special events on New Brunswick archaeology.  We also offer technical advice to First Nations communities, government agencies, industry and the public.


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