Government of New Brunswick

The objective of the province's heritage management policy is to conserve the heritage resources of the various peoples of New Brunswick so that the tangible evidence of our past is preserved for future generations by working with those developing our Province.

The earliest archaeological finds in New Brunswick date from over 12,000 years ago. The principle means of chronicling the history of 600 generations is through the study of archaeological sites. Archaeological resources are nonrenewable in the same manner that oil and gas reserves are non renewable.


Once the resources have been exhausted, no possibilities for future benefit remain. While the cost of preserving heritage resources can be estimated fairly precisely, the benefits, in terms of the scientific value and the social values attached to such concepts as cultural tradition, national/cultural identity, patrimony and sovereignty are almost impossible to measure.

Various governmental departments have integrated the concern for the conservation of our human heritage into their review processes. Archaeological Services is represented on various review panels and committees. The role of these reviews is not to prohibit or impede land use and development, but rather to enable the Provincial Government, private industry and individual landowners to make decisions that will ensure optimal land use while still preserving important aspects of the province’s cultural heritage.