Government of New Brunswick

One of the main objectives for Archaeological Services is to continue to develop positive relationships with First Nations over cultural issues. In keeping with this objective, Archaeological Services has developed a Maliseet Advisory Committee on Archaeology (MACA), which was created when an archaeological site was encountered during the 1996 re-alignment of a highway at Jemseg and impacted Maliseet people in significant ways.

MACA is an officially recognized committee set up between Maliseet Chiefs and the Province of New Brunswick to exchange information and views on archaeology and other cultural heritage matters of mutual interest. Each Maliseet First Nation Government appoints a representative and an alternate to the Committee.  The Provincial Government is represented by a member and an alternate from Archaeological Services, Heritage Branch, Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

Maliseet Advisory Committee on Archaeology (MACA)

Maliseet Nation at Madawaska



Chief Patricia Bernard

Brian Stuart
Phone (506) 736-6584

Maliseet Nation at Tobique

Chief Ross Perley

Marie Perley
Phone (506) 478-3699
Fax (506) 273-6581

Sandra Lovelace Nicholas
Fax (506) 273-6850

Maliseet Nation at Woodstock

Chief Timothy Paul

Brad Polchies
Phone (506) 323-1683
Fax (506) 328-2420

Mark Polchies
Phone (506) 328-3303 (ext.581)
Fax (506) 328-2420

Maliseet Nation at Kingsclear

Chief Gabriel Atwin

Phil Atwin
Phone (506) 363-9478
Fax (506) 363-4324

Andrew Atwin
Phone (506) 476-0155

Maliseet Nation at Saint Mary's

Chief Candice Paul

Cecelia Brooks
Phone (506) 461-6806
Fax (506) 455-1883

Maliseet Nation at Oromocto

Chief Shelley Sabattis

Warren Nash
Phone (506) 476-7598

Government of New Brunswick

Minister John Ames

Karen Perley
Tourism, Heritage and Culture
Phone (506) 474-3844
Fax (506) 457-4880

Tricia Jarratt
Tourism, Heritage and Culture
Phone (506) 238-3512 
Fax (506)457-4880

Anne Hamilton
Tourism, Heritage and Culture
Phone (506) 238-0438 
Fax (506) 457-4880