Government of New Brunswick

To help distribute research results and circulate knowledge about New Brunswick archaeological heritage, Archaeological Services makes available reports that were produced through either the ‘Reports in Archaeology’ or the ‘Manuscripts in Archaeology’ series.  

The Reports in Archaeology series was produced by The Council of Maritime Premiers—Maritime Committee on Archaeological Cooperation and contains reports on archaeological topics pertaining to the three Maritime Provinces.  

The Manuscripts in Archaeology series on the other hand includes preliminary reports and research papers on the archaeology of New Brunswick.  It is designed to facilitate a limited distribution of otherwise unpublished reports from Archaeological Services’ files.  


Manuscripts in Archaeology

MIA Author Year Report Name English French
1 Allen, P 1980 The Oxbow Site:  Chronology and Prehistory in Northern New Brunswick    
2 Turnbull, C 1984 The Richibucto Burial Site (CeDf18), New Brunswick Research in 1981    
3 Allen, P 1983 The St. Croix Waterway Recreation Area – 1982 archaeological survey    
4 Ferguson, A 1983 Investigation at two localities in the St. John River Valley, central New Brunswick     
5 Black, D 1984 An Archaeological survey of the shores of Grand Manan Archipelago     
6 Allen, P 1984 1983 Archaeological investigations in Saint Simon / Fourilles Archeologiques Effectuees a Saint-Simon en 1983    
7 Black, D 1984 Archaeological investigations in Saint Simon / Fourilles Archeologiques Effectuees a Saint-Simon en 1983     
8 Black, D 1985 Living in Bliss:  an introduction to the archaeology of the Bliss Island, New Brunswick    
9 Allen, P 1984 Pointe aux Sable: a small Late Period hunting in Baie Ste-Anne, New Brunswick    
10 Ferguson, A 1985 The 1983 Northern New Brunswick Survey: an archaeological reconnaissance for Historic sites in Caraquet Island, North Saint-Simon Bay, and the Grande Plaine of Miscou.    
11 Lavoie, M 1985 The Archaeological investigations at the Cross emplacement, Bouctouche Micmac Reserve, Kent Co., New Brunswick     
12 Christie-Boyle, F 1986 Archaeological reconnaissance of Ste. Anne's Point, Fredericton, York County, New Brunswick     
13 Lavoie, M 1986 Archaeological actives in Upper Dorchester, Westmorland County, New Brunswick      
14 Hale, L 1985 Archaeological survey and testing of the St. Croix River and Spednic and Palfrey Lakes, New Brunswick – 1984     
15 Deal, M 1985 Final Report on the 1983/1984 excavations at the Mud Lake Stream Site (BkDw5), Southwestern New Brunswick  PDF file  
16 Lavoie, M 1986 A preliminary bibliography for historic artifact research in the Maritimes     
17 Turnbull, Chris 1986 The McKinlay Collection: another Middlesex Tradition Component in Red Bank, Northumberland County, New Brunswick  PDF file  
18 Hale, H.L 1986 The 1985 Archaeological Survey of the St. Croix Waterway and the reconnaissance Of the Musquash Site, Skedaddle Ridge, southwestern New Brunswick    
19 Lavoie, M 1986 Tong's Island, Westmorland County, New Brunswick 1985:  initial Survey and Background paper     
20 Allen, P 1986 An Archaeological survey of Beaubears Island – 1977     
21 Finlay, S  1987 The management of underwater cultural resources    
22 Ferguson, A 1988 Indian Point Site – CiDf29 at Maceacherns Point, Northumberland County, New Brunswick     
23 Allen, P 1988 Southwest Miramichi Survey and Testing Project: 1987     
24 Black, D 1987 Bliss revisited:  preliminary accounts of the Bliss Island archaeology project II     
25 Turnbull, Chris 1990 The Bernard Collection:  a Tobique complex site from northern New Brunswick     
26 Keenlyside, D 1990 Archaeological Survey of the Upper Reaches of the Tracadie Estuary, New Brunswick     
27 Black, D 1992 Images Return:  A Study of the stratigraphy and seasonality of a shell midden Site in the insluar Quoddy Region, New Brunswick     
28 Bishop, Jennifer C. 1994 The Partridge Island Site:  Early and Middle Woodland-Related Assemblages     
29 Blair, Susan 1994 The Pre-Contact Archaeology of the Grand Manan Archipelago:  Cultural History and Regional Integration    
30 Dickinson, P. & Jeandron, J. 1999 Glacial Lake Madawaska Archaeological Survey 1998    
31 Allen, P 2001 2001  Commodore George Walker at Alston, Nepisiguit 1767-1777 PDF file PDF file
32 Allen, P 2003 Alston Point, Bathurst, New Brunswick: An Important Community Centre Throughout the Late 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries PDF file PDF file
33 Allen, P; Nicholas, Michael; Thériault Fidèle 2004 Rocks Provincial Park: The 1994 Archaeological Survey and Historical Inventory -
Reconnaissance Archéologique de 1994 et Inventaire Historique du Parc Provincial des Rochers
PDF file PDF file
34 Perley, Karen 2003 Wolastoqiyik Ajemseg - The Peolpe of the Beautiful River at Jemseg Volume 1: Important Stories and Spoken Histories

Wolastoqiyik Ajemseg - La nation du fleuve majestuex à Jemseg Volume 1 Témoignages importants et histoire orale
PDF file PDF file
36 Sue Blair 2004 Wolastoqiyik Ajemseg - The People of the Beautiful River at Jemseg - Volume 2 Archaeological Results
Wolastoqiyik Ajemseg - La nation du fleuve majestuex à Jemseg Volume 2 Résultats archéologiques       
PDF file PDF file
37 Helen Kristmanson 2004 A Short History of Beaumont, New Brunswick - Bref Historique de Beaumont au Nouveau-Brunswick  PDF file PDF file
38 Bourgeois, Vincent; Allen, Patricia 2005 The Mitchell Site - 1998 Heritage Impact Assessment Project at Metepenagiag Mi'kmaq First Nation Site Mitchell -  Projet d'étude d'impact sur le patrimoine éffectués en 1998 à la Première nation mi'kmaq de Metepenagiag PDF file PDF file
39 Allen, P 2005 The Oxbow Site 1984 Metepenagiag Mi'kmaq First Nation Miramichi, New Brunswick PDF file  
40 Allen, P 2005 Site Oxbow 1984 Première nation mi'kmaq de Metepenagiag Miramichi (Nouveau-Brunswick)   PDF file
41 Perley, Karen 2005 GABE PDF file
PDF file
42 Bourgeois, Vincent; Suttie, Brent 2005 Recent Archaeological Surveys on the Nashwaak, Big Tracadie and Magaguadavic Rivers PDF file PDF file
43 Madeline, Augustine;  2006 "To Hold in my Hand" PDF file PDF file