Government of New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Heritage Conservation Act stipulates that all archaeological objects found anywhere in New Brunswick after August 19, 2010 must be reported as soon as possible to Provincial Archaeological Services authorities.  It makes no distinction between discoveries that are unplanned or spontaneous, and to those that are related to pre-authorized research activity.  Objects of Aboriginal origin are held in trust for the First Nations of New Brunswick.

What to do when you think you have found an artifact


Individuals often find artifacts (archaeological objects) throughout New Brunswick. This is to be expected since New Brunswick has been the home of countless generations and many have left tangible reminders of their presence. You may have dug up an arrowhead while gardening or perhaps you are in possession of a number of stone tools that your grandmother picked from the riverbank during her youth. Perhaps you ran across something that looked like an old foundation wall while you were preparing a septic field for your new cottage and you wonder what to do with your discovery.  Archaeological Services can help you with documenting and preserving your discovery.

If you found archaeological objects before August 19, 2010, you can contact Archaeological Services who would be very interested in including your discovery in the New Brunswick Private Archaeological Collection Register.  This process is advantageous to both you and to Archaeological Services in conserving and documenting our heritage. While your collection is on loan to us, we will have an opportunity to study and record details about your discovery. Your information may lead  to the recording of a new site. Working together, we can help preserve New Brunswick's archaeological heritage. By participating, you will learn more about your object and where it fits in New Brunswick’s history. 

Archaeological Services readily accepts donations of individual artifacts or collections. Ultimately, all  donations contribute to our understanding of our past through the  promotion of awareness and appreciation of New Brunswick’s heritage.