Government of New Brunswick

Through a public engagement process, the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC) provides an opportunity for all to come together in their regions to discuss the issue of poverty and social and economic inclusion in New Brunswick.

Citizens, community organizations, business community and government will be able to share their views and try to find innovative solutions that suit the needs of New Brunswickers and taking into account regional differences.

Participants at the dialogues can express their ideas and opinions, listen carefully and suggest possible actions that could be taken. People who will not have the opportunity to participate in the public dialogues will have the opportunity to express themselves online.

The public engagement process offers opportunities for dialogue, reflection and learning, and fosters a plan that meets the realities of poverty and social and economic inclusion.

The Economic and Social Inclusion Act states that the corporation must renew the plan every five years through a public engagement process. Although the initial plan expires in November of 2014, it is important to take steps now toward its renewal.