Government of New Brunswick

Thank you for your interest in Overcoming Poverty Together 2 - The Economic and Social Inclusion Plan for New Brunswick.

The success achieved so far with the first poverty reduction plan is mainly due to the uniqueness of this initiative which brings around a common project of society, the citizens living or having lived in poverty, as well as representatives from the non-profit, business and government sectors.

Representatives from these sectors and citizens of New Brunswick are invited to actively contribute to the creation of the 2nd plan to reduce poverty by participating in dialogue sessions held across the province or by answering questions online. We are confident that the process put in place for the renewal of the plan will be interesting and fruitful and will reflect the realities and priorities of New Brunswickers regarding poverty and social and economic inclusion.

Poverty is an issue that concerns us all, and we must continue to work together to minimize its impact on New Brunswickers.


Léo-Paul Pinet, President
Brian Duplessis, Co-chair
Gerry Pond, Co-chair
Monique Richard, Co-chair
Minister Dorothy Shephard, Co-chair