FREDERICTON (CNB) – Communication and collaboration were the focus of the first meeting of the community inclusion networks as they work to fight poverty at the local level.

"The meeting was an opportunity for the 12 networks to collaborate and share the ideas and projects they are developing to reduce poverty," said Léo-Paul Pinet, president of the New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation. "These networks are a unique model, and our biggest asset to tackle poverty locally is that they know the real problems, issues and challenges in their regions and they can identify those challenges and offer the best solutions."

During the meeting, the networks heard presentations on a variety of topics related to poverty, such as homelessness, transportation and breakfast programs.

The community inclusion networks plan to meet regularly.

"This meeting was essential in sharing vital information as we continue the process of addressing poverty at the local level," said Pinet. "The need for co-operation and communication among the networks was emphasized. Even though each network will be unique, there may be similarities in some of the services each provides, and there may be opportunities for them to learn from each other or work together."

With all the networks in place and working to develop a community approach to reduce poverty, Pinet said New Brunswick has achieved another commitment in Overcoming Poverty Together: The New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Plan.


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