Government of New Brunswick
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The Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC) is positioned as a network of networks through the establishment of 12 Community Inclusion Networks (CIN). This image shows the ESIC-funded projects in each CIN, color-coded by category and sized by number of citizens reached.

The network map demonstrates the connectivity ESIC has created, as well as the multi-variate approach to reducing poverty in the province.

The map below is just the tip of the iceberg for what is possible through ESIC and the power of the networks.

By interpreting the ESIC-funded projects as a data set independent of their colour codes and reinterpreted by their degrees of separation, we are left with over 300 projects funded by ESIC – truly a blossoming of cohesion. When placed into New Brunswick’s official flower – the purple violet – the image brings about a sense of connection, regional flavour and growth.

Our connectivity is our strongest asset, and ESIC is amplifying this.

This image the purple violet includes various data on projects implemented under Overcoming Poverty Together – New Brunswick’s Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation.

For a better view of the data embedded in the flower, we recommend that you set the zoom of your PDF reader at 600%.

Conceptualized by Nick Scott and Jared Morrison at the NB Social Policy Research Network. Original artwork created by Jared Morrison, based on ESIC data visualized on