Government of New Brunswick
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Michel Guitard has more than 40 years of experience in the business world, which has allowed him to develop significant expertise in program development, human resources management, financial management, credit management and risk management. He is well known in the Restigouche region and in New Brunswick for his support for entrepreneurship and his knowledge of the labor market and community organizations.

Michel was General Manager of Caisses Populaires Acadiennes for 14 years. He is currently the Executive Director of CBDC Restigouche in Campbellton. Under his leadership, the CBDC has increased the size of its team from three employees in 1997 to nearly 150 employees in 2022. He also manages various projects at the national level and several projects in Atlantic Canada.

Economic and community development is of great importance to Michel. He has served on numerous boards and committees for the progress and advancement of the economy within the local, provincial and Atlantic business communities.

Michel was Treasurer of the Provincial Association of CBDCs for 4 years. He is currently Vice-Chair of the Board of the Atlantic Canada Community Business Investment Fund.

Michel has gained a reputation for being an experienced forward-thinking manager. He is dynamic, cheerful and always open to new trends and ideas. Michel encourages and motivates CBDC employees to become involved in the development of the region.

Michel lives in Campbellton.