Government of New Brunswick

Welcome to Parlee Beach! One of the most beautiful beaches in New Brunswick where you can swim and enjoy the hot summer days.   

Its ecosystem makes it a place of unique beauty with warm water temperatures. And we are all responsible for protecting it.

The Government of New Brunswick has adopted a water quality monitoring protocol to help ensure the public knows the water is safe for swimming. Based on the 2017 water quality results, it was determined that Parlee Beach has no chronic water quality issue, and that water quality at Parlee Beach is suitable for swimming. In fact, scientific data reveal that in 95% of the time, the water quality was good at the beach last summer.

The beach at Parlee Beach Provincial Park has one of the most rigorous water monitoring and assessment systems in Canada. The water is tested daily from mid-May to October, and the infographic below explains the water quality analysis process.

You can also consult the most up-to-date water quality data by visiting

A number of projects were carried out in 2017 to ensure the best possible water quality at Parlee Beach. These were funded by the Government of New Brunswick and the Government of Canada and more initiatives will be undertaken in 2018.

Everyone can help protect water quality and the environment at Parlee Beach. Here are a few things that can make a difference:

  • Dispose of garbage in the appropriate locations.
  • Dispose of waste from pleasure boats at appropriate facilities.
  • Collect dog waste. Domestic animal waste can be a source of pollution.
  • Keep up with regular maintenance of septic tanks.
  • Empty septic systems of recreational vehicles in appropriate locations and not directly into the ground.
  • Think about the environment and environmental protection at all times.

To learn more about Parlee Beach Provincial Park, visit Tourism New Brunswick.