Government of New Brunswick
Better Protection for Animals

Animal welfare and protection are enforced in our province by the NB SPCA. Provisions of the SPCA Act and associated regulations help to ensure that all complaints of animal cruelty are investigated and resolved.

What Can I Do?

If you see a situation of potential animal abuse or neglect, report it to the NB SPCA at 1-877-722-1522. An animal protection officer will investigate the situation and take the correct action. This could be a warning/education visit with a later follow-up, or it could result in a case being built and charges laid.

Restricting tethering will ensure that dogs are not tethered 24 hours a day.

Keep Our Pets Healthy

Here’s how you can be a responsible pet owner:

  • Ensure that your pets have appropriate food, water, shelter, and care.
  •  Purchase a dog licence to ensure your pet can be identified if lost.
  • Spay or neuter your pet.
  • Take your pet to a veterinarian for annual vaccinations.
  • Make sure your pet gets lots of exercise and interaction.

Where to Purchase a Dog Licence

  • Cities, towns, villages – Contact your local government
  • Local Service Districts – Click here to register and purchase your dog tag.

For more information see Multi-Year Dog Licences


Did You Know?

Here are some of the possible fines for offences under the SPCA Act:

  • Failing to provide food, water, shelter, and care to an animal: $500 - $200,000
  • Unsafe transport of a dog:  $140 - $1,100
  • Failure to notify of injury to a domestic animal - $140 - $1,100
  • Inhumane destruction of an animal - $140 - $2,100
  • Abandoning an animal - $240 - $5,200
  • Sale of an animal without a Pet Establishment Licence  - $140
  • Inappropriate tethering of a dog - $240 - $5,200