Government of New Brunswick

A number of Provincial, Federal and cost-shared programs are available to assist the New Brunswick agriculture industry in various areas of activity. Specific examples include management, production diversification, market development, environmental improvements, land development, sustainability, food safety, training, research and innovation.

Advancing Agri-Food Processing
Agri-Land Accessibility and Enhancement
Agro-Environmental Services
Beneficial Management Practices
Business Planning, Skills Development and Agriculture Education
Crop and Livestock Sector Development
  • Apple Industry Development Program
  • Beef Herd Renewal and Improvement Program
  • Beef Rotational Grazing Initiative
  • Fruit and Vegetable Industry Development Program
  • Grape Industry Development Program
  • Honey Bee Industry Development Program
Enabling Agricultural Research and Innovation
Environmental Farm Management Planning
Improving Crop and Livestock Health and Quality
Indigenous Agriculture Development Program
Livestock Genetic Enhancement
Market Development and Access
Resilient Agricultural Landscape Program
Risk Management and Food Safety