Government of New Brunswick


The Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries (DAAF) provides financial assistance for the transportation of dolomitic and calcitic limestone (e.g., AgLime) from the source of origin to the delivery destination.


• Indigenous Peoples or Indigenous Organizations involved in primary agricultural production,
• Primary agriculture producers with a valid Registered Professional Agriculture Producer (RPAP) registration,
• Agriculture producer associations involved in primary agricultural production (e.g., Community Pasture Associations).

• Farmland with pH levels of below 6.0 qualify for this program
• A current or last year soil test lab report is needed to verify the need and type of lime.


• The financial assistance is offered on a first come, first serve basis, until funds have been exhausted.
• New Brunswick land in active production, idle land or recently cleared land with a pH below 6.0, as indicated on a current or an immediate previous year’s soil analysis laboratory report are eligible.
• Applicants are encouraged to consult with a Professional Agrologist to make sure the right type and rate of lime is used.
• Financial assistance for the transportation costs is calculated based on the distance from the closest source of origin, that has the correct type of lime available, to the delivery destination.