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The program provides for the deferral of provincial property taxes on eligible farmland and outbuildings to encourage the preservation of real property for agricultural use.


Registration is open to all owners of real property. To be eligible, real property must meet certain criteria as established in the Farm Land Identification Program Regulation.


The Farm Land Identification Program (FLIP) is a voluntary program administered by this department and other partner departments. The department evaluates applications and monitors the ongoing eligibility of registered properties. To be eligible, land must be in active use by an agricultural operation or if not in active use, it must be suitable (as defined in the Act) for use by an agricultural operation. Land will continue to be registered so long as it meets the above criteria.

The program provides for the deferral of the applicable provincial real property tax on the assessed value of registered farmland and farm outbuildings. The portion of the local or municipal tax rate that is above the average LSD rate for the province is also deferred. Owners of farm properties must submit an application to be considered for registration. Registration is a long term commitment to maintain land in agricultural use. There may be substantial financial costs to exiting the program.

When a property registered in the Farm Land Identification Program is deregistered or withdrawn from the program by the assessed owner, the deferred taxes to a maximum of 15 previous years together with associated interest becomes due and payable.

The total amount of interest added to the deferred taxes payable upon deregistration or withdrawal on or after September 1, 2007 from the Farm Land Identification Program is limited to a maximum of 50% of the total taxes deferred.

Landowners may obtain a statement of deferred taxes and interest on a Property Account Number (PAN) registered under the Farm Land Identification Program by contacting the New Brunswick Department of Finance at 1-800-669-7070 or by e-mail at

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