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A pneumonia outbreak, now known to be caused by a novel (new) coronavirus (COVID-19), was identified in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the virus a public health emergency.

There are no confirmed cases in New Brunswick.

The current overall risk to New Brunswickers is still considered low by medical experts.

Last updated: Feb. 20 at 12:00 pm


Situational Overview

On December 31, 2019, a cluster of cases of pneumonia was reported in Wuhan, China, and the cause has been confirmed as a new coronavirus that has not previously been identified in humans. This virus is now known as the 2019 Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China as low for Canada and for Canadian travelers.

If you have recently visited China and you became sick during your travel or after your return, contact TeleCare 8-1-1 to access a free, confidential service that will provide health advice and information and access to the appropriate level of care.

Public Health Agency of Canada has also established a new toll-free phone number (1-833-784-4397) to answer questions about COVID-19.

Public health risk is continually reassessed as new information becomes available.


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Actions being taken

New Brunswick’s public health officials are carefully monitoring the situation in Canada, China and around the world, and are ready to respond should there be any cases in New Brunswick. They are:

  • working closely with federal, provincial and territorial partners to share information and assess potential health risks
  • ensuring our health system is ready to respond effectively if needed
  • ensuring front-line health professionals have information about the virus so they can:
    • take recommended actions
    • promptly report suspected cases to public health officials

If you have travelled to Hubei province in the last 14 days, limit your contact with others for a total of 14 days from the date that you left Hubei (this means self-isolate and stay at home), and contact the local public health authority in your province or territory within 24 hours of arriving in Canada. In addition, all travellers from mainland China are advised to monitor themselves for symptoms and to contact the local public health authority in their province or territory if they feel sick.


Cases and testing

Cases in New Brunswick and Canada

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Brunswick at this time. The cases in Canada are travel-related and are being isolated to prevent further transmission.


Confirmed cases

New Brunswick




Testing in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is testing for the novel coronavirus. We are acting out of an excess of caution even when the likelihood of exposure is small or improbable. To date, all tests have been negative for the novel coronavirus.

Testing numbers will be updated weekly, and are current as of February 17, 2020.

Test results

Number of
completed tests