Government of New Brunswick
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Alternative Measures Program   
Amusement Device Inspection  
Amusement Device Registration 
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection  
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Installation Permit 
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Registrations  
Boiler Inspections - Certificate of Competency 
Casino - Registration 
Charitable Lottery Licences and Permits 
Child Day Care Services Program   
Children's Residential Services - Child Care Residential Centres   
Civic Address - How to obtain one   
Commercial Trip Permit  
Community Outreach Service for Victims of Abuse   
Community Service Order   
Compressed Gas Licences - Class A
Compressed Gas Licences - Class G
Compressed Gas Licences - Class ICE
Compressed Gas Licences - Class PPO, PTO
Compressed Gas Licences - Class RVT, DAT, IMT and M
Compressed Gas Licences - Medical Gas
Coroner Services  
Designated Disabled Parking   
Drinking Driver Re-education Course   
Driver Examiner Services   
Driver Records  
Driver Training Course Licences  
Driver's Handbook - For Sale   
Driver's Licences 
Driver's Licences for New Residents  
Driving Instructor Permits   
Electrical Inspections  
Electrical Licences
Electrical Plan Approval  
Electrical Wiring Permits  
Elevating Device Inspection  
Elevating Device Installation Permit  
Elevating Device Operating Permit  
Elevator Contractor Licences  
Elevator Plan Approval  
Emergency Preparedness and Training - Operations  
Emergency Preparedness and Training - Provincial  
Emergency Preparedness Assistance and NB EMO Training Courses 
Extra Judicial Sanctions Program   
Family Violence in New Brunswick (PLEIS)  
Film Exchange Licence 
Fine Option Program   
Firearms - Authorization to Carry Restricted Firearms and Certain Handguns (ATC)  
Firearms - Authorization to Transport Restricted Firearms and Prohibited Handguns (ATT)  
Firearms - Possession Only Licence and/or Possession and Acquisition Licence 
Firearms - Possession Only Licences for Minors   
Firearms Licences for Businesses 
Firearms Safety Training  
Gas Business Licences
Gas Inspection  
Gas Installation Permit 
Gas Plan Approval  
Healthy Toddler Assessment   
Ignition Interlock 
Intensive Support Program   
Landlord and Tenant Services  
Learner's Licence (Class 7) 
Licence Suspension 
Liquor Licences 
Liquor Permits 
Liquor Permits – Specialized uses  
Motor Carrier Licence and Permit  
Motor Vehicle Dealer Licence 
Motor Vehicle Inspection Station Licence 
Motor Vehicle Inspections  
Motor Vehicle Registration
National Safety Code (for carriers)  
NB 9-1-1  
Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Licence 
Off-Road Vehicle Dealer Licence  
Off-Road Vehicle Registration 
Off-Road Vehicle Requirements   
Photo ID Card   
Plumbing Inspections  
Plumbing Licences
Plumbing Permits 
Plumbing Plan Approval   
Power Engineer (2nd Class) - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Power Engineer (3rd Class) - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Power Engineer (4th Class) - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Power Engineer Licences
Private Investigator and Security Services Licences 
Public Interest Disclosure Guidelines   
Reinstatement of Driving Privileges 
Reintegration Leave Program   
Salvage Dealer Licence 
Shooting Range Signs  
Shooting Ranges - Approval to operate   
Smoke-free Places Act Information Line   
Steamfitter-Pipefitter Licence
Temporary Absence Program   
Trail Authorization 
Victim Services Volunteer Program   



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