Government of New Brunswick

When information is entered into NB Case which indicates a case has been underpaid, NB Case will produce individual cheques for every month in which assistance is owed to the client. These cheques will be automatically redirected to the district office. When a benefit is manually requested, adjusted or undeleted, for a prior period, any resulting cheque will be redirected to the district office.

NOTE: All cheques which cannot be released to the client must be redeposited.

Regardless of how many cheques are produced, the following limits apply as to the amount of retroactive payments which may be released to a client:


When retroactively adding a child to a case, payments for a maximum period of two months may be released to the client.


Case originally screened or registered as Awaiting EI Benefits who are refused EI Benefits may be entitled to basic assistance benefits.

The basic assistance rate will automatically revert to the appropriate rate of assistance, for which the unit is eligible, when this same unit is not awaiting EI. The basic rate of assistance will be effective the date of application and retroactive payments may be produced.

Retroactive payments will be redirected to the SD local office and should be gien to the clients as they qualify.


Clients for whom being certified Designated Needs or Blind, Deaf and Disabled results in retroactive payments, are entitled to the entire retroactive payment(s) issued to them.


Clients for whom an overpayment was created in error, and the client was source deducted are entitled to receive a cheque equal to all source deductions recovered in error, once the overpayment is fixed. In cases where the overpayment was for a period greater than 12 months, 2 cheques will be issued. One for the period of the last twelve months and one for the period previous to that. Case managers must assess the client's eligibility to receive the payment.

Please refer to the Administrative Error - Overpayment/Underpayment Policy for retroactive payments resulting from an Administrative Error.