Government of New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development began creating its first GIS data in 1982. At that time, GIS technology was beyond the reach of most people and industry. In the intervening years, GIS technology has become available to a wider and wider array of groups and individuals. This has lead to more and more groups and individuals wishing to access the large amounts of data the department has accumulated over the years. In the interests of enhancing both the life and business opportunities for the people of New Brunswick, the department is proud to supply data for public consumption, either through direct access or by download. Additional datasets are also available from GeoNB’s Data Catalog website.   

While the digital map files may not be free from error or omission, care has been taken to ensure the best possible quality. The digital map files are a graphical representation of land related features which approximates the size, configuration and location of features. It is not a survey and is not intended to be used for legal descriptions or to calculate exact dimensions or area.

The New Brunswick Departments of Natural Resources and Energy Development shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind including personal injury or death, or economic loss arising from the use of the digital map files or accompanying written materials or from errors, deficiencies or faults therein, whether such damage is caused by negligence or otherwise.


Data accessed through the URLs on this page is drawn directly from our geodatabase at the time of access. As such, it represents the most current data the department has available at the time of access.

Please refer to the Help documentation for your specific GIS software for instructions on how to access these services.


On the download pages for the items on this site, there are a set of dates on the right-hand side of the page. These dates do not represent the currency of the data available for download. To see the date the data was last updated, please click the Download button.

Please check back periodically to see what new datasets have been added to this portal. We are continuously working to expand the list of datasets that are available.