Government of New Brunswick
Can any New Brunswick high school student take an online course?

Yes, if they are registered in a New Brunswick school; however, all registrations are at the discretion of the school administration and/or guidance counsellor.


Do I have to live in New Brunswick to take an online high school course?

At the present time, you need to be either living in New Brunswick or a former resident. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


How do I sign up for an online course at my school?

See your guidance counsellor for details.


How much does it cost?

There is no charge for New Brunswick public school students to take our online courses.  Those who are upgrading may be charged an administrative fee by the school issuing a transcript. 


Do I have to do the Scavenger Hunt for each online course that I take?

Yes, students are required to complete the Scavenger Hunt along with an information sheet for each course they take.


Who helps students with the online course content?

Your course’s Online Teacher (OT) will be your instructor for the course. He/she will be responsible for instruction and marking.


Who helps students with technical issues?

Your Local Facilitator (LF), your main teacher contact at your school, is responsible to ensure your computer has the software necessary to complete online courses. You may also contact you Online Teacher (OT) with any technical issues. In many cases, OT can help. If not, they can refer the issue to your LF.


Can students work on online courses at night, on weekends and during holiday time?

Yes. In fact, most courses require students to work on their own time to complete assignments; however, your Online Teacher will be online only during normal school hours. In addition, there is a requirement in most courses that you be online during specified times for synchronous activities. Arrangements can be made with Online Teachers for students who cannot access the course during regular school hours.


Can students write tests from home?

No; however, special arrangements for extenuating circumstances may be made with your Online Teacher, in consultation with your Local Facilitator and/or your school’s administration.


Are midterm grades given on school report cards for online courses?

Yes, midterm marks are sent to schools during week 9. Students starting a course late or who have not completed enough work by week nine may receive an NMA (No Mark Available). Your Local Facilitator (LF) will receive a bi-weekly update on your progress. Your LF also has access to your progress at any given time to report to you or your parents.


Can students have an extension to complete the online courses?

Generally no,  however, if there are extenuating circumstances, sometimes arrangements can be made in consultation with your school's administration.


Are there exam exemptions for online courses?



Can I write my exam if I finish the course work items early?

Yes, with your school's permission.


Do adult learners need supervision when writing tests?

Mature students who have already graduated do not require supervision during quizzes or exams.


When will our assignments be marked? When will I get feedback?

Although it is possible that you will receive them sooner, under normal circumstances, please allow for a 2-3 day turnaround to receive feedback and marks for your assignments.


Some courses will require synchronous work. What is that?

Synchronous work is when you are meeting virtually via your web browser using Adobe Connect (AC). A headset is required to allow you to ask questions and hear what others in the meeting will discuss. Most courses will now have some components with live sessions. These virtual meetings usually occur during normal school hours.


When is the latest a student can enroll in or withdraw from a course?

Students should enroll in online courses as soon as possible at the start of each semester. Enrolments will be accepted during the first four weeks of each semester. After that time and for special circumstances only, students may enroll if requested by their school. Students can no longer be withdrawn from a course after four weeks from the start of the semester. Any student dropping a course after then will be graded as “Incomplete” or “Failed” when the marks are sent to schools.