Government of New Brunswick

The responsibilities of the e-Learning Programs and Services Branch are to ensure the overall accountability for implementation of the e-Learning Strategy for Public Schools. This strategy will result in an expanded use of ICTs in the classroom to meet the individual needs of all students including gifted, talented and those with special needs. As well, by expanding the high school online course offerings to include all of the grade 11 and 12 course requirements for a NB high school diploma, students in all regions of New Brunswick will have equitable access to a broad range of course offerings. Educators will be supported in the use of ICTs to enhance teaching and learning by an online database of teaching resources that includes exemplary practices. Online professional development resources have been developed in partnership with DOE and school districts and include resources to support pedagogical practices with a special focus on literacy, mathematics and science. All teaching resources and professional development will also be delivered through the recently launched NB Education Online Learning Portal.



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