Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswick Virtual Learning Centre (NBVLC) offers expanded learning opportunities to all high school students in the province by allowing registered students to access courses online, anywhere, anytime. Course offerings currently consist of over 40 high school courses, including all required courses at the grades 11 and 12 levels as well as many optional and advanced level courses. This allows students to access courses that, because of scheduling conflicts, illness or limited course availability in their own schools, might not otherwise be available to them.

New Brunswick Virtual Learning Centre (NBVLC), which is constantly being improved, updated and expanded, emphasizes a facilitated learning approach. In such an approach, online teachers use online course chat rooms, discussion boards, email and videoconferencing to engage students in the learning process as well as to answer specific queries students may have. Local facilitators are on hand at the students’ schools to ensure that the students can access and use all of the tools and equipment they need to complete the course. Students, for their part, work independently, completing online interactive activities, assignments and tests as they progress through the course.

Classroom teachers can also take advantage of the online course offerings by registering an entire class in a specific course. In this way, teachers can use elements of the online course, such as interactive activities and animated demonstrations, to enhance their instruction and students’ learning.

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