Employer Best Practices

Employers are responsible for safety and for protecting employees’ physical and mental health in the workplace. Creating a work environment that supports an inclusive and a healthy workplace is essential to successfully recruit and retain internationally trained workers.

Create an Inclusive Workplace

Cultural competency training equips managers and employees with the awareness, knowledge, and skills they need to overcome cultural challenges in the workplace. You can learn more about culture competency training here.

  • Create a welcoming environment in the organization.
  • Pair newcomers with existing staff members to help with their integration.
  • Connect newly arrived workers with people and community supports that will help them and their families settle. Visit the list of settlement agencies in New Brunswick.
  • Celebrate your cultural diversity in posters, newsletters, or other communications.
Support Through Training

Offer your new international employee training opportunities to fill in any skills gaps they may have and to make them feel like a valued part of your organization.

Enable Career Development

  • Involve internationally trained newcomers in leadership development programs.
  • Welcome new forms of initiatives and collaboration.
  • Provide training to develop communication and leadership skills.

Recruit newcomers to Canada – Job Bank

Protect Yourselves and Your Candidates from Fraud

It’s very important that if you decide to use the services of an immigration consultant or other representative, you choose an authorized, reputable agency or individual since fraud can occur. You can learn more about how to find and choose a representative here. In addition, if you receive immigration documents via email, they could also be fraudulent since Immigration New Brunswick only issues documentation through your INB profile. You can learn more about these fake and fraudulent documents and how to protect yourself here.

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