International Recruitment

Immigration Support for Talent Recruitment and Workforce Expansion

If you need to attract skilled talent, whether for a specific role or for acute or chronic labour shortages, we can help. If you are unable to find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is qualified and willing to take on the job, it may be possible to participate in international recruitment efforts in co-operation with New Brunswick and with Canadian embassies around the world.

Our Immigration Workforce Development Team can work with you to:

  • Determine your precise labour needs.
  • Identify international markets that show promise in meeting your recruitment needs with respect to skills and language requirements.
  • Develop effective pre-screening questions to deliver a high-quality list of qualified potential candidates.

Our Workforce Development Officers will also:

  • Co-ordinate logistics for remote or in-person recruitment events.
  • Collaborate with employers to provide pertinent immigration-related information to candidates.
  • Support employers and their candidates throughout the immigration process.

Regularly, the Workforce Development Team will invite New Brunswick employers in key sectors to participate in recruitment events. Employers can contact an Immigration Workforce Development Officer to discuss possible recruitment events tailored to meet your recruitment needs.

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