Government of New Brunswick

The objective of the Healthy Aging Champion (Champions) Program is to have senior volunteers engaged in their community and surrounding area to promote the importance of healthy aging among their peers and other residents.


Champions must be a New Brunswick resident aged 60 years or older and must be willing to travel within their community and surrounding area. 


Interested New Brunswickers have until November 14, 2022, to apply by completing the Health Aging Champion Volunteer Application Form.


Program Components

  1. Champions are volunteers
  2. Champions are appointed for a two-year term but may re-apply for more than one term
  3. Champions can hold a maximum of 3 consecutive terms (exceptions may apply)
  4. Champions can share their message in the following ways (but not limited to):
    • Talking to local groups (seniors’ organizations, Chambers of Commerce and Community Non-Profit organizations, particularly those serving seniors) about the importance of healthy living and staying active and engaged in the community;
    • Making presentations on such topics as healthy aging, ageism, wellness and active living with the caveat that they are promoting credible and reliable information;
    • etting involved in efforts taking place in their area related to age-friendly community initiatives, such as sitting on the community’s age-friendly advisory committee;
    • Attending special events in your area such as, NB Day, Canada Day, Intergenerational Day, National Seniors Day, local fairs, exhibits and other event where healthy aging can be promoted.

Champions will:

  1. share their own experiences related to aging well, practicing healthy lifestyle behaviours and staying physically active
  2. get involved in community events and activities, of their choosing based on their own skills and interest, that are aligned with the objective of the program, to connect with seniors and promote healthy aging and active living;
  3. act as a resource for Social Development, as may be required, to assist in offering advice on new program ideas, projects or initiatives that require client input.
  4. promote:
    • a culture of healthy aging, wellness and active living to other seniors in NB,
    • healthy aging as a life-long experience,
    • the importance of age-friendly environments,
    • ways to maintain senior independence
    • the importance of staying socially engaged in their community,
    • the contributions of older adults to society, and
    • opportunities for intergenerational activities
  5. connect with other Champions in their respective area to share information on their activities, identify activities in which they could participate, coordinate activities where possible, and support each other in their role
  6. work collaboratively with community organizations that support or promote healthy active aging, when possible.

The Department of Social Development will:

  1. introduce Champions via News Release, newspaper ad etc.
  2. provide the Champions with a letter from the Minister so they can use it as an introduction when they attend events
  3. hold an orientation at the start of the two-year term
  4. offer relevant training and provide support, as may be required
  5. encourage Champions to connect to local community partners and provide them with contact information as may be required
  6. reimburse Champions for eligible out-of-pocket expenses to a maximum of $75 per month, including mileage, which will be paid at the government rate 
  7. hold a check-in meeting / conference call after year one of each term for information sharing and providing support, as may be required.


Rules of Engagement

Healthy Aging Champions will:

  • be non-partisan and refrain from expressing their personal views and opinions that do not necessarily reflect those of government
  • not discriminate on gender, ethnicity, age or language and must remain non-judgemental on the health status of any individual with whom they may encounter in their role as Champion
  • spend a minimum of three hours per week fulfilling their role
  • participate in orientation sessions, as required
  • submit expense claims to the Department of Social Development (Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat Branch) at the end of each month 
  • submit an annual report to the Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat that must include activities and events attended, date, location, approximate number of participants (seniors) and the main topic of the event (unless it is a general event)

Any and all events attended by Champions must follow all public health restrictions and rules related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.