Government of New Brunswick
Connecting Community

Do you participate in community events or programs?

  • Higher levels of social interaction can produce great benefits for seniors.  In one study, researchers looked at how social activity affected cognitive decline. Over 1100 seniors without dementia were measured on their social activity levels and then tested periodically on their cognitive functioning over a 12-year period. The rate of cognitive decline was 70 percent less in people with frequent social contact than those with low social activity.¹
  • Another study looked at a community-based group of older adults and measured social activity levels and their disability levels—in terms of their ability to care for themselves. Those with more frequent social activity maintained lower levels of disability in several areas, suggesting that they would be able to live independently longer than their less social counterparts.²
  • Participating in events or programs in your community on a regular basis can have positive effects on your health, your independence and enable you to share your talents and experiences with others.  During your visit, the reviewer can provide you with information on community programs and where to find current event information.

Do you have difficulty finding affordable transportation to events?

If you don’t drive or prefer not to drive in certain conditions, it can be challenging to find affordable transportation to events or programs. 

Public transportation is usually available in urban centres and offers discounted fares to seniors.  In rural areas, there are a number of community based transportation agencies, and depending upon where you live, these might be an option for you – check your local yellow pages, online or during the visit, the reviewer may be able to provide you with options in your community.

Alternatively, family, friends or neighbors may be happy to share the drive with you. 

How can you find more information on community events and programs?

During the home visit, the reviewer will provide you with an information package which will include community programs and/or events.  You can also check your community newspaper, radio, television  and online sources. Bulletin boards at stores, pharmacies and other public places also are great sources of current events.

The Toll-Free Seniors Information Line (1-855-550-0552) may also be able to provide information on community programs.