Government of New Brunswick

Invitation for Housing Proposals

The Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick wish to invite entrepreneurs, non-profit groups and housing co-operatives to submit development proposals to house families, non-elderly singles, seniors, persons with disabilities, persons with special needs and supportive housing models. 

To be eligible for assistance, housing proposals must create new affordable housing units for low and moderate income New Brunswickers.  Please note that this is not a tender call, but rather an opportunity to review interest and viability of projects.

Under the program capital grant funding is available to assist in the development of new rental housing projects.  Assistance is in the form of a forgivable loan and is based on the cost of eligible work and the number of eligible self-contained units or bed units within a project.  Successful proponents will be required to enter into a mortgage agreement with the New Brunswick Housing Corporation to ensure units remain affordable to low and moderate income households.  The forgivable loan is earned over the period of the mortgage.  Rental subsidies are also available to make designated units affordable to low income households.

It is recommended submissions be sent to Social Development.  Proposals will be evaluated based on those projects that best meet program objectives, are cost effective and yield reasonable rents. 

For more information regarding available funding, program requirements and the development process please contact the nearest Social Development housing office.

This program is funded by a cost sharing arrangement between the Government of Canada and the Province.