Government of New Brunswick

As part of a review of Social Development’s Health Services programs to support the medical needs of our clients, the department has made changes to many of the benefits under the program. All changes were designed to have as little impact on the client as possible; if medical justification exists for a benefit, it may still be provided.

If you are a client of the program and have specific questions about how these changes will affect your benefit, please contact your social worker or case worker.


Ostomy and Incontinence

  • Only supplies that are specifically required to manage ostomy, catheterization or incontinence will be approved. Products to manage other medical issues will not be paid through this program.
  • A revised list of eligible supplies has been established for this program.  You may be eligible if medical justification is provided from a qualified health professional (physician, nurse practitioner, ostomy nurse or esterostomal therapist).
  • Products previously covered under the program requiring special authorization include cleansing products; medicated skin creams; transparent and hydrocolloid dressings; any waterproof or hypoallergenic products; absorbent flakes or capsules; or any item in quantities in excess of those specified in the policy. 
  • Products no longer included in the program are gloves for general patient care; sterile gloves; intestinal remedies; over the counter medications; general purpose moisturizers; prescription drugs; dressings for wounds other than an ostomy site; ostomy pouch covers; room deodorants; rubbing alcohol or alcohol swabs; antiseptic; scissors or stoma cutters; medicated and non-medicated wipes; anti-diarrheal products; bowel prep products; stool softeners; brand name incontinence products.
  • Supplies not on the approved list may be granted under special authorization if medical justification is provided from a qualified health professional.
  • Oral laxatives will now be part of the Health Services Program (previously covered regionally). All social assistance clients will now have to apply through the Health Services Group to obtain this benefit.  A list of eligible laxative products, format and maximum quantities has been established. No other products or formats will be considered and maximum quantities will be enforced.

  Therapeutic Nutrients (formerly Hyperalimentation) 

  • The program will cover only supplies and services health professionals have indicated are necessary to support your medical needs.