Government of New Brunswick

Welcome to Chefs! the toolkit that helps you teach children and youth about healthy eating and physical activity while they learn the fun of cooking. The toolkit was developed to help you deliver interactive, thought–stimulating, and engaging opportunities around food and cooking.

CHEFS! can be lead by facilitators with little or no experience, and includes 90–minute sessions designed with children and youth aged 8 to 12 years in mind. Participants older than 12 years may enjoy taking part in the program as a facilitator assistant.

The toolkit provides a fun and interactive way to introduce children to healthy eating, cooking skills, and physical activity. Parents, teachers, youth group leaders, and health care educators will find this toolkit easy–to–use and filled with “kid–tested and approved” activities. These activities are designed to increase the participants’ knowledge, skills, and self–confidence so that they can make healthier lifestyle choices for a lifetime.

The toolkit contains 5 themes:

Each theme contains 2–3 sessions which address topics related to the theme. The sessions are presented to the facilitator in a consistent manner, with plenty of tips to use along the way. The lesson plan for each session will contain the goals for that day, essential and optional discussions and activities, a list of resources to go with each, and time estimations for easy planning