Government of New Brunswick

The mandate of the Secretariat of Official Languages is to promote the Official Languages Act and to administer its full implementation.

The Secretariat has three main functions:

Coordination: to provide advice and work with government institutions regarding the Act; meet the needs of the two linguistic communities; to develop, review, and evaluate the implementation plan required by the Act; prepare an annual report on outcomes based on the activities undertaken as part of the Act; evaluate the Act on a continual basis and make recommendations for amendments, as required.

Support: to provide the appropriate support to government employees so they can work in an environment conducive to the use and learning of both official languages as stipulated in the Language of Service Policy and Guidelines, and the Language of Work Policy Guidelines.

Promotion: to undertake public outreach campaigns to promote respect, knowledge and communication between the two linguistic communities and the economic benefits of bilingualism in the province; and to ensure regular consultation with various stakeholders from both linguistic communities.

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